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Daft Punk's 2hr "The Essential Mix" on Radio One 1997

This mix is historical for me not only because of its superior track selection, but because it also reminds me of all the things I love about electronic music and why I wanted to become a DJ in the first place. Back at the time when I was a teenager and use to scan through radio stations occasionally and find those rare college radio stations playing late night mixes and tunes, and when I went into Hastings my local video/music store. That Hastings was the first music store I went in where there was a large selection of electronic music CDs and they had many to listen to inside the demo CD player. That was the first time I was in a record store where I could actually demo this type of music and not just the mainstream popular music of the time. This Draft Punk mix reminds me of all the great music I was introduced to at the time. And how else can I describe this Daft Punk mix? It's really that definitive Parisian French discothèque sound that they themselves really helped to create and define. It sounds a bit like an early Dimitri From Paris right around the time he rose to prominence with his first Defected and Playboy mix compilations, but a bit like Dimitri if he were on acid. This mix features some great remixes and mashups of old school funk, R&B, disco mainstream tunes from the early 80's many of us are familiar with. Some harder style tracks are in there with some included progressive and jackin' house. It's good stuff through and through.

This is an essential download in which once you find it and obtain it, you should always keep a copy available on your computer.

Currently at the moment you can download a copy from the following link, but who knows how long it will be there so get it while it's hot and before it's gone.

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