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Ralf Gum's GOGO Music First Release of 2014


You know what I like about DJ Ralf Gum and his record label GOGO Music?  It's house music and electronic music but it has a very organic feel to it.  Especially the releases that came out in the very early days of the label.  Still today it's very rich and deep sounding, but it is sounding more electronic than what it used to.  That doesn't mean the quality of the music has diminished however and I'm not complaining.

Actually you know what?  GOGO Music has replaced Defected Records for me as my favorite house music label.  Later in this message I will talk about GOGO's 60th track release but I do want to touch on this for a moment.  Defected was so badass back in the day.  It was real and underground sounding.  It really pushed quality music.  But as it's popularity grew, as the label started winning awards and making more money, it sold out a bit.  The music and output has become more commercial now and that's what I don't like.  Pre 2006 it was great, and now has been on the decline.  With GOGO Music, I never felt a decline.  It's always held a constant, steady, and stable aura of quality to me.  I have about 20 of their tracks.  About 10 or so on a compilation CD and about another 10 I purchased through Beatport and Traxsource. 

So with all that said I want to share with you all their latest release.  Like I said their 60th and I will be getting this one on Friday.

From Ralf Gum's Facebook page:

"The first GOGO Music release of 2014 comes from Joseph Junior & MAQman titled "Can't Do Without It". Coming to Traxsource on Friday you now can sneak peak the "MAQman Main Mix" on youtube. Stay tuned for more..."

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