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DJ Marc Antomattei NATION Interview

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Interview originally posted on June 6, 2013

NATION presents DJ ANTOMATTEI. We interviewed DJ ANTOMATTEI and asked him ten questions about himself and his DJing. Here's what he said:

NATION: Tell us a little about who you are, where you are from and about what you were doing before you came to Tokyo.

ANTOMATTEI: My name is Marc Antomattei, I’m often billed as “DJ Antomattei of Tokyo” from the Bronx. I come from a family with an Army background with myself actually being an ex US Air Force Airman. With the USAF I worked in a communications agency as an “Information Manager”

NATION: Who were your first musical influences and what brought you into the dance music scene?

ANTOMATTEI: Michael, Stevie, Quincy, Miles are my influences. The people though I contribute to making me want to become a DJ are Tony Humphries, Masters At Work, Dimitri From Paris, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

NATION: What brought you to Japan?

ANTOMATTEI: The Air Force brought me to Japan. I was working at Yokota Air Base in West Tokyo for 2 ½ years before getting out and staying in Tokyo. It’s been ten years now.

NATION: Tell us about your very first DJ performance here in Japan and how did you get it?

ANTOMATTEI: I had three levels of first DJ performances here in Japan. I put on proper house parties throughout my career; I thus far did about five really good ones. My first ever house party was on Yokota Air Base right before I got out of the service at the end of 2005 and that was my first ever event.

My first public performance was at an Irish pub at Yokohama station called The Green Sheep. It was small time, but good for what it was. I did that pretty regularly until I started moving up some more in the business. My first big scale event was at The Room in Shibuya on March 19, 2008. From that date forward I started doing larger scale events at more famous clubs throughout Tokyo.

NATION: What is one of your favourite places in Japan and why?

ANTOMATTEI: My favorite place for nightlife clubbing is club Air. Once Sound Museum Vision opened it’s doors and Air started moving its big parties over to there, I started liking Vision more in these days.

NATION: What are some of your favorite dance music tracks?

ANTOMATTEI: I’m big on black music so naturally anything coming from the big NYC/New Jersey and Chicago cats such as Tony Humphries, Larry Levan, Ten City, Frankie Knuckles, Masters At Work, Frankie Feliciano, Kenny Bobien, DJ Spinna etc. I like.

NATION: What dance music genres do you like to play?

ANTOMATTEI: I spin deep & soulful house, soul, rare groove, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and Latin. Starting to do more EDM in these days.

NATION: What DJ equipment do you prefer to use?

ANTOMATTEI: Love spinning vinyl on Technics, hate carrying it though. CDs on newer Pioneer CDJs are the way for me.

NATION: How do you see the future of DJing and dance music?

ANTOMATTEI: I see the quality of the music declining and becoming more commercial. Sad days are upon us.

NATION: From all the clubs around the world, which would you most like to DJ at?

ANTOMATTEI: Pacha, NYC | Shelter, NYC | S.O.B.’s, NYC | Djoon, Paris | Sound Museum Vision, Tokyo | Ministry of Sound, London | Gatecrasher,

Birmingham UK | Anywhere in Ibiza.


6月29日にネイションのマイアミビーチパーティーで DJ ANTOMATTEI がDJをします>


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