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The Return of the Real Master P "Al Capone" Mixtape

The dynasty is coming back! Hip hop dynasties, we all know them; Death Row, Bad Boy, No Limit, Cash Money, Hypnotize Minds, Ruff Ryders, Def Jam. For a few years, for a period of time there are hip hop and rap music empires that take total and complete control over the whole industry. After the death of Tupac Shakur, the demise of Death Row Records, and the end of the west coast/east coast rivalry, there was a great rift in hip hop music. This left a void that let southern rapper Percy Miller aka Master P and his No Limit soldiers to come in and change the game. With support from some family and local talent from New Orleans, No Limit Records controlled the rap industry for the last half of the 90s decade.

After artists began dropping out of the label, disputes, and lawsuits, No Limit had gone through a dry spell after the new millenium that lasted for about a decade. Restructuring into the new No Limit Forever label and with a new team of producers and support artists, No Limit Forever is back on the map ready to make a raukus and turn rap on its head once again.

As the forever leader of No Limit, label boss Master P has entered the proving grounds ready to show the world he and his team is ready to lead the game again. With much anticipation, Master P's new mixtape "Al Capone" has just dropped today (US January 16 / Japan January 17). I've had the opportunity to listen to the whole album in its entirety and I can attest to the fact that the real Master P is back and he brought his A-game. The mixtape is a prelude to his new upcoming album "Boss of All Bosses". It is that good to say that if he had charged money for it or released it as an actual album, I most likely would have bought it. Here's to the return of a legend. Download the album from the link below.

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